It’s been a while since I’ve published anything serious online, so here’s me using this as a chance to tell you, dear reader, what I’ve doing recently.

First off, a lot’s changed since the last article I wrote on the web (for context, that was 2017). I’ve finished my degree, survived an honours thesis on experimental biophysics, and started working full time as a contractor-slash-consultant at Itty Bitty Apps — one of the biggest mobile app agencies in Australia (a misnomer).

Since then, I’ve been working on ANZ Plus, helping redesign the customer experience for digital banking. I’ve also worked on a few smaller side projects in-between, like Reveal, or designing the branding for Melbourne’s biggest Apple developer community.

Outside of work, I’ve been running a lot, tweeting about croissants, making tarts, and just a few months ago, bought my first home (don’t ask me about interest rates). I’m also on Instagram a lot (I usually post stories nowadays) and Spotify, where I have seven playlists of the same name but with slightly different custom covers.

And if you’re really interested in what I’m doing right now (as of writing), I’m spending a not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon with my girlfriend, who is also writing an article for her own newsletter.

Looking forward to the future, I’m really keen to get better at what I do, while also finding the right balance between juggling seniority (aka managing!) and making. I’m also really interested to delve deeper into a space I’m familiar with (personal banking? amateur home-cooking?) while also honing in on a skill to get better at my craft.

Anyways, that’s it for now.